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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED photos! I love that when I look at a photo, I am taken back to that moment. I not only remember what happened, but exactly how I felt. So when I got married I knew that I wanted a great photographer and dedicated the largest portion of our budget to photography. We spent more on photography than anything else including my cake, dress, or venue! I understood that our wedding day would only be captured once and it was well worth the investment to me! I am SO glad we invested in a professional photographer and now we can look back at the hundreds of beautiful photos from the best day of our lives.

It makes me so sad to hear family and friends say that they hate their wedding photos or that they only got a few good ones. They always tell me the reason why is because they used a family friend or someone they knew who owned a camera instead of hiring a professional photographer. Everyone I talk to who experienced this totally regrets it! They always say they wish they could re-do it and invest in a photographer if they could.

Don't let that be you! I'm not writing this as a promotion or advertisement for myself. Regardless of who you decide to hire as your photographer, make sure to hire a professional. It's so important- your future self will thank you! Here are a five reasons why:

1. Professional photographers have experience. They've shot tons of weddings so they know how to work with large groups, work with other wedding vendors, and how to help make the day run smoothly. They help you feel comfortable and will make you look your best on camera.

2. Professional photographers have the right equipment and know how to use it. Just because someone owns a camera, does NOT make them qualified to take good, high quality photos. Photographers know the ins and outs of their camera and have learned manual settings which gives them advantage over controlling the lighting situation.

3. Photographers are trained to notice the little things- they'll make sure to get all the details that are easy to miss! Their soul purpose in being there is to capture your photos where as a family member or friend is there as a guest and taking photos may become an afterthought.

4. The only thing that lasts from your wedding is the photography! The flowers die, the cake gets eaten, decor gets taken down, the dress gets put in a closet but you'll have those photos forever. They help you relive the emotions you were feeling that day!

5. Editing. A photographer uses professional editing software. This allows them to edit and give your photos a finished look. Below are some before and afters of photos I've taken.

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