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Balance = Success

Do you know that feeling when you've bitten off more than you can chew? I have felt a lot like that lately. I've been trying to cram too much into each day and it's taken a toll on me. I try to be Superwoman and to be honest, it's extremely exhausting. Success for me is defined by how balanced I am in life- physcially, emotionally, and mentally. I always feel so much happier and better when all aspects of my life are balanced and equal. My friend Kristi taught me, "You can do anything but not everything." I am human after all. So are you. Here are three things I've learned over the years to help me achieve that balance I need.

1) Prioritizing is key. Figure out what your personal priorities are. Brandan and Hadlie come first in my life. If they are getting my leftovers than my balance is out of whack and needs some adjusting. Maybe for you, school comes first, or maybe it's work or exercise. Whatever is most important in your eyes, make sure to focus on that and let everything else fall into place.

2) Make a checklist! I am a checklist fanatic. Every night before I get into bed, I make a list of things to do the next day. I've discovered it helps keep my thoughts from swimming around in my head all night. Checklists keep me organized and I love the satisfaction of crossing something off once it's done! I've had to find a balance though because even though I love checklists, I make sure not to get upset or discouraged over the things I didn't get done. So I usually star the ones that have to get done that day and then leave the rest as things that would be nice to get done if time allows. This leaves me feeling successful at the end of each day, not deflated, by the things that didn't get done.

3) Take time for yourself. This is essential to feeling your best! It helps you rejuvenate and de-stress. Try going out into nature, listening to music, exercising, eating chocolate, reading a good book, screaming into a pillow, or having a good cry! I personally like taking a walk, turning on a TV show, or baking a treat. Those are things that help me unwind. Everyone has their own stress outlet.

Ultimately, you know yourself best and you know what you need. Figure out what being balanced means for you! Set small daily goals to help you maintain that balance. It's different for everyone so you do what works for YOU. 

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