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Megan & Tyrel | Draper LDS Temple Wedding | Utah Wedding Photography

I got to work with Megan and Tyrel throughout the whole process of engagements, formals, and their wedding day. We had so much fun. I really got to know them and I sure love this cute couple! They met while attending Utah State in Logan, Utah. And they are a perfect match! :) They are both so fun and happy, they literally light up a room!

Their wedding was in the beginning of June but because of the weird weather we've been having, it was a chilly, cloudy morning. It stayed overcast but near the end of family photos, we got a little rain storm! Later the sun came out and we had a lot of fun capturing their photos together.

Their reception was that night at Ivory Ridge in Lehi. It was such a pretty set up! I loved all the detail they put into decorating. They served cupcakes, lemon bars, and yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and toppings- yum! They had beautiful centerpieces, signs, and big framed photos from the formals I took (there's nothing better than seeing my work printed!) Tyrel's sister played the harp which was SO cool and added such a special touch.

They cut the cake together and Tyrel surprised Megan with some cake to the face! :) The daddy daughter dance was very touching. Later, Megan's sweet dad told me he tried so hard to hide his tears from the camera haha! Megan and Tyrel's first dance was so sweet, you can tell they are so in love and will have such a great life together. The night was finished with the bouquet toss, group dancing, and a fun bubble send off.

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