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Wedding Planning Tips | Utah Wedding Photography

Let's be honest, planning a wedding is stressful and expensive. It can be overwhelming for a lot of people especially if you aren't hiring a wedding planner. My husband and I planned our own wedding (along with help from our families) and everything went so smoothly because we were organized from the beginning! Here's some tips and tricks that helped us:

1. Create a to-do list of everything you need to get done for the wedding. Break it up by days, weeks, or months. Prioritize by things that take the longest or what is the most important to you. See an example list HERE.

2. Set a budget for the whole wedding then decide how much you want to spend in each category. Then stick to the budget!

3. Involve your fiance! This will make decision making easier and more fun.

4. Don't rush into decisions, look at several different options before picking the best one.

5. You'll get lots of different opinions from everyone, but make sure you do what YOU want! It is YOUR special day, not theirs.

6. Talk to wedding professionals and other married couples for advice.

7. Delegate tasks to other people- you'll get very stressed and burnt out if you try to do everything yourself!

8. Show gratitude for people that help you along the way.

9. Make sure to take time for yourself. Get away from the stress of wedding planning! Go on a date with your fiance, buy a treat, get your hair or nails done etc.

10. Just have fun with it! You only plan a wedding once so make the most of it.

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